Veronica Koskinen

Animation BDes (Hons)

Storyboarding, Project Management and 2D general skills


veronica koskinen

I started the animation course dead set on learning the secrets of the intricate techniques of beautiful animation, only to be attracted by the kind of roles like storyboarding and production management that let you tip your toes a little into every puddle and stick your nose into everyone’s business. Both have elements that make them easy in theory and much more complicated in practice, like a web left each decision and either carried your weight or had you ass over teakettle later on. Managing the bigger picture is challenging but rewards you in the end like nothing else.

During my studies, I had a chance to work as a production manager for my main graduate short film project “Bus, Stop!” and as a storyboard artist for it as well as “Knitman” and some personal projects. Our 3rd year Dingle Sting project “Dingzilla” that I directed together with Tahnye Littée had the honour of winning in the Best Sting category at Animation Dingle 2021, of which I’m very proud.

Graduate Storyboarding and Animation Showreel

A compilation of some of my animatic and animation shots from the last couple of years.

"Bus, Stop!" Production Bible

Digital pages of the production bible artfully spread out

The production bible of my graduate film project “Bus, Stop!” includes management documents and pre-production artwork by my teammates.

The Silver Chain

Planning out the story arch of The Silver Chain, with the story broken into pieces that are given themes: isolation, distance, power exchange, investigations and a hopeful ending negotiations.

Initial planning for an animatic of a relationship drama originally written by AngelicSentinel.

"The Silver Chain" Animatic

An animatic of a story written by AngelicSentinel. A challenge in making a dramatic conversation in a single room visually interesting.


Various character art, life drawings and other artworks.


A playful scene about travelling tigers geared towards younger audiences.

Dingle Sting "Dingzilla"

A short that Tahnye Littée and I directed for Animation Dingle Festival 2021 that won in the category of Best Sting.

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