Tatyana Archtander

Animation BDes (Hons)

A character designer, 2DFX animator, character animator, and overall TTRPG fantasy enthusiast.


I specialize in character design and 2DFX animation. What I enjoy the most about art is creating expressive movement and personalities within concrete and abstract shapes. 

Within character designing, I design personalities before I narrow down their physical designs. This allows me to create vivid and relatable characters. 'The clown man' and 'Bean' are two contrasting examples. Clown man is a middle-aged man who is bored and fed up with his current life situation. He is grumpy and exhausted, but his story takes him on a horror-esque journey to rediscover the joy in his life. Meanwhile, Bean is a shy and gentle child who likewise goes through a character journey where her awe and curiosity spark her to find her courage and take action. When I design characters I keep these stories in mind to make sure they make an impact in how they express themselves before, during, and after their journey.

2DFX animation is equally as expressive. Though I often work with abstract shapes, I aim to give them personality. Is the fire aggressive? Playful? -or perhaps mourning? How energetic should the magic feel as it sweeps past the screen to catch the viewer's eye? FX animation is a subtle art that can quickly transform an environment's atmosphere, influencing how the audience reacts to the visuals before them. In my work, I am conscious of this effect, designing shapes and movements which will draw the audience into the narratives they are watching.

2DFX and Character Animation Showreel

2DFX and Character Animation reel showcasing my favourite pieces.

Character design: Clown Man

Character design of Clown Man

Character design sheets for the "Clown Man" project.

Character design: Bean

Character Design of Bean

Character design sheets for Bean the human girl from the "There's a ghost in ma' hoose" project. The project is pitched as a short-film to spread awareness about the campaign to bring back wolves to Scotland and to re-wild the Scottish Highlands. Directed by Lucy Gillespie, we are hoping to realize this project after graduating as it is an issue we're all passionate about. If you are interested in supporting this project, consider getting in contact with us!

A headshot lineup of three girls in a cartoony style. The first is a human with short blond hair, blue eyes, sun-tanned skin, and a smiling expression. The second has pointy ears, platinum blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a worried expression. She wears victorian-esque clothing. The third has pointy ears, light purple skin, white hair, and pure black eyes. She is smiling and she wears pastel-colored clothing. The forth has deep purple skin, white hair covering half her face, entirely blue eyes, and antlers


When I'm not animating I like to experiment with colour and composition to illustrate creatures and characters from the table top roleplaying games I play.

If you want to support me and my works, please consider following me on my social media! If you're interested in hiring me for a freelance project or commissioning me, don't hesitate to contact me via my website, email, LinkedIn, or Instagram DMs.