Shannon Keenan

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

'Afterglow' - Two collections of digitally printed sustainable gift wraps which will spark joy within people.


Shannon Keenan

How does it make you feel to receive a beautifully wrapped gift? 

I began looking at the response people have when receiving a gift which is wrapped in well-designed packaging, and how this can spark joy within the recipient. I have found that the visual aspect of the gift is just as important as the gift itself. My aim was to create a collection of digitally printed gift wraps which will spark joy within people and can also be reused in various ways. A gift that keeps on giving. 

For my inspiration I researched colours and patterns which people enjoy viewing. I found that most people are drawn to nature as it is pleasing to look at and can improve mental wellbeing. This led my visual research and prompted me to visit Dundee Botanic Gardens, where I became inspired by the bright colours and organic patterns of the plants. My two collections are influenced by the imagery I gathered during my visit. ‘Summer Bloom’ is all about bright florals and fresh greenery, like a blooming garden in the height of summer. ‘Midnight Botanical’ uses darker greenery with hints of bold florals, recreating the feeling of being in a tropical environment at night.

As most gift wrap is considered disposable and usually cannot be recycled due to the plastic content, I have designed a sustainable alternative by taking inspiration from the Japanese wrapping method of ‘Furoshiki’. These fabric gift wraps are made to be reused, helping cut down on the waste caused by disposable paper-based gift wrap.

Midnight Botanical

Repeat pattern gift wrap with bright florals and small leaves on a dark background.

Summer Bloom

Repeat pattern gift wrap of watercolour flowers.

If you would like to support me or have any question about my work, feel free to contact me via email or Instagram. You can also check out my portfolio to have a look at some of my past and current work.