Sean Noon

Architecture MArch (Hons)

Reading the city as layered networks of movement.


This thesis project examines the relationship of vehicular traffic against citizens within the urban environment, specifically the automobile and its medium, the road, against citizens. Beginning with an evaluation of the existing condition of Dundee, the thesis analyses the consequences of the proliferation of cars on the streets and built forms within the city. In reaction to this research, an alternate masterplan of Dundee for 2222 is proposed, along with a centralised traffic interchange that facilitates the flow of movement between people and sustainable transport.

In 200 years’, the car as we know it may have disappeared, or it may have mutated and multiplied exponentially. This study does not imagine and account for these possible extrapolations. It advocates for pre-eminence of public transit and walkability within the future city, projecting an era where the environment within the city edges is near car-free. 

Along with selected historic roads, the sole remaining structure left of the old Dundee is the West Bell St parking garage. The design project facilitates its structure to build a transport interchange, creating a monumental civic station that serves as a public transport node within the future Dundee.

Interchange Axonometric

A axonometric exploded line drawing showing the make-up of the scheme in the city context