Scott Black

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

I have a keen appetite to achieve a professional level across many areas within my work, with a strong focus on identity design.


During my final year at DJCAD, I completed three major projects, all of which present my skills and creativity through a range of outcomes, whilst also letting me showcase the kind of design I like and the direction I want to take my career. I took the chance to push myself over the last year by exploring areas of design that were new to me, which has really paid off in the end and taught me to never play it safe. These successes have sparked an excitement in me to keep pushing my craft and to always trust the process.

My three major projects – a D&AD New Blood Awards submission, an ISTD Publication and an exhibition identity ­– all display my abilities as a young designer to their best (yet), delivering strong all-round responses to each set brief.

Subbed VS Dubbed

A response to the D&AD New Blood Awards brief set by Netflix to design a campaign that promotes the UK population to engage with more of the non-English content Netflix has to offer. I tapped into our nations natural desire to pick sides and used it to drive conversation around Netflix’s non-English titles. This dialogue sparks a nationwide debate surrounding personal opinions on consuming non-English content either by Subbed or Dubbed viewing, increasing its engagement whilst encouraging the nation to get lost in translation.

presentation title page

It's A Mad World

book cover mock-up

It’s A Mad World is a response to ISTD’s brief of exploring how one of the top-100 most influential books has shaped the world. Focusing on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I designed a publication that dives deep into the rabbit hole of Alice’s influence in modern pop-culture.

spread mock-up

The aim of this publication is to visually mimic Alice’s journey through the whimsical and wonderful that is Wonderland. Open up to a world you never knew was so profoundly influenced by Alice, celebrating the works, achievements and discoveries that all could not exist for us to enjoy today if Carroll never shared his story.

NFT : 101

exhibition entrance mock-up

NFT:101 is a concept exhibition for the Design Museum in London, that aims to teach the population all things NFT. Taking inspiration from the digital square pixel, the RGB identity builds a strong foundation for a successful exhibition. The naming of the exhibition not only links to what’s known as a beginner’s topic, but also to code, which NFT’s are in their true form on the blockchain.

exhibition outdoor advertising mock-up

ASCII Art was created to abstract recognisable NFT collections into a code-like representation, further communicating to the audience what NFT’s are all about through design. The ASCII style artwork was applied along with the RGB system in motion via interactive filters on social media and onto merchandise, to create a consistent and cohesive all-round identity.

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