Sara Pakdel-Cherry

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Sara uses multiple forms of media to address the oppression against women in her home country, Iran.


'Six Feet Under' is the continuation of 'Take Back Your Voice' 2021, in which she depicted an evolution from ancient Persian women to Iranian women of today. With her short film, 'Restore My Hymen,' Sara uses poetry to convey a message of encouraging women to be brave, strong, speak up, and stand together. Throughout the film, Sara depicts oppression and the great gender divide through her performance. A woman dies with a chador wrapped around her like a shroud in the film.  

The term ‘kafan-e siah’ was used by women to fight against the Islamic state laws opposing mandatory hijabs. Kafan (shroud) is a length of white cloth in which a dead body is wrapped for burial. Siah means black in the Farsi language, therefore ‘kafan-e siah’ is a pejorative reference to the black chador. Sara’s short film ‘Kafan-e Siah’ 2022 is a visual concept of the pejorative term in which is put to play through the continuation of the last scene of 'Restore My Hymen'. 

The suspended chadors in Six Feet Under are Sara’s attempt to make the viewer navigate through the obstacles faced by Iranian women.

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Restore My Hymen (Part One)

Kafan-e Siah (Part Two)

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