Sam Morman

Architecture with Urban Planning RIBA Part 2 MArch (Hons)

THE OPEN EDGE: Creating a defined settlement edge to the town of Blairgowrie and Rattray as a strategic response to urban sprawl.


The town centre is becoming increasingly disconnected from its edges, the low-density suburban developments branching out from the historical core do not reflect the local vernacular and may become detrimental to the character of the town. This disconnect is a scalable issue from small towns such as Blairgowrie to larger cities. This research projects explores a change of direction for the projected growth of the town. The defined settlement edge creates a more compact urban form to restrict suburban expansions, improve proximity to essential amenities and preserve the towns valuable productive landscape. The project promotes more sustainable future developments that challenge the suburban paradigm; enhancing the biodiversity of the town, facilitating greater diversity with mixed use typologies, embracing higher density living and supporting the increase of remote workers.

A map of the towns zones. Diagrams of the street patterns and illustrations of the town centre, industrial area and the suburban housing. Supported by photographs.


A map showing the natural edges of the town. A second map showing the land use of the town

Existing Conditions

A map showing alternative sites for development compared to the local development plan. Second map showing maps overplayed with the defined settlement edge highlighted.

The Defined Settlement Edge.

A map showing how the edge connects to the towns existing amenities, green spaces and proposed development sites. Second map showing the edge in 2040 defined by an urban forrest and new neighbourhoods.

The Network

A site plan of a portion of the towns edge. The drawing illustrates a proposed masterplan for the area.

Fragment Study

2 perspective sketches of a proposed residential street and a proposed public landmark building

Edge Scenarios