Rafael Garcia Santiago

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

Graphic designer/Illustrator


I'm a multidisciplinary Graphic designer/Illustrator. I enjoy learning new techniques, playing with different materials in each design project and at the same time covering the brief answers.

RSA Moving Pictures, animation (Ambitious Cities)

The video presents an explorer in a journey, as a narrative structure, to improve the wellbeing of the city. A motion graphic animation created to answer the RSA competition brief: Moving Picture - Ambitious cities. To start rethinking what it truly means to thrive and how to apply circular economy.

RSA animation motion graphic - shows landscape scene with illustrations of people doing different activities underneath

This project has given me the opportunity to learn different areas of motion graphics and animation tools as well as character design and color psychology.

Editorial Illustration. Campaign aims to plant a tree every time Trump tweets about climate change.

blue and yellow image - Trump's outline made up of different birds

Project to respond on the brief of “Treespond has tracked quotes from Mr Trump and evaluated them on a scale of how ignorant the organisation perceives the statements to be. The more ignorant Treespond rates a statement, the more trees it supports to be planted for that particular quote.” On this project I used Twitter ́s logo to build the Trump face as a concept, using blending colours and vector graphics.

CHAMANA, mood enhancer drinks. Branding.

Chamana branding project: posters on brick wall showing cans of drink with Boost Relax and Detox

CHAMANA is a mood enhancer drink, which helps you to harmonize and adapt to the world in a spiritual, emotional and physical way to face the chaos of urban life. This brand uses natural ingredients to enhance, empower and change your mood to achieve goals. CHAMANA wanted to introduce to the main public those ingredients to make a positive impact.

branding project images showing cans of drink, laptop and woman on a collage

Mock-ups and brand identity.

Undiscovered landscape design poster

undiscovered landscape poster with abstract designs

Project for the DJCAD Module “The Undiscovered Landscape”. The main aim of this project was developing an individual enterprise of collected objects related to the environment that surround us and show how the landscape interact with us in a philosophic way.

D&AD Netflix Campaign.

netflix advert with netflix branding and two london buses, text is 'turn the subtitles on'

Campaign that speaks to 18-34 year olds in the UK that gets them to engage with non-English titles on Netflix, and encourages them to use subtitles.

netflix advertising shown on billboards in a city environment

Mock-ups and brand campaign.

Semiotic abstract posters (Icon, Index, Symbol).

abstract poster in black and white

@salon_35_ abstract poster exhibition on Stuttgart (Germany). Experimental artistic poster based on music vibes, cymatics experiments with washing powder. A semiotic abstraction of washing machines and sounds analogy.

Gin design decanter style bottle

gin bottle design

Gin bottle design to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the Dundee Botanic Gardens. with the "Spirit of the garden" concept.