Nurul Safuhah Suhaidi

Architecture MArch (Hons)

Transforming 70's terraced houses in Dundee into multigenerational co-housing as a way to strengthen residents’ social contact.


The thesis is concerned with age-integrated design. As human beings, interaction between one another is crucial for us to sustain a healthy lifestyle and fight loneliness. Older people are especially more prone to social isolation and loneliness than younger generations due to various reasons such as the deaths of spouses and friends, restrictive mobility, retirement or disability and poor health condition. Experiencing prolonged isolation and loneliness will surely contribute a huge impact on their physical health and mental conditions. They are often associated with having too much pride which hindering them for seeking help. And suffering from loneliness increased the difficulty in reaching out for others. Therefore, age-integrated planning strategies are intended to create a supportive environment by getting mutual support and self-help from one another. 

The proposed project involves retrofitting 1970’s terraced housing in the Docks, Dundee, and upgrading it into multigenerational co-housing in order to address various context-specific issues such as improving community cohesion, accessibility, fuel poverty and lack of facilities.

Perspective section

Perspective section show the relationships between the housing and communal facilities

Section shows the relationships between private, semi-private and public space.

Diagram illustrates the positioning of two different types of housing and communal facilities on site

Existing site plan

Changes on the existing site is highlighted in red on the existing site plan

Changes on the existing site is highlighted in red on the existing site plan

Proposed site plan

Proposed site plan demonstrates how the housing and communal facilities sit within the site context and circulation across the site

All existing access to the site is retained but circulation across the site is upgraded to become more accessible.

Existing vs proposed elevation

Comparison between existing and proposed south elevation of the housing. Proposed design has more windows and openings as compared to existing housing.

Proposed design has more openings to the south for ventilation and solar gain purposes. All winter gardens are facing the south which take advantage of the south sunlight and help improve energy efficiency of the houses.

Shared kitchen and living room

Rendering show how people come together and using the shared communal area

Outdoor play area

Rendering demonstrates how children could potentially use the proposed outdoor play area under adults' supervision

Detailed floor plans layout of existing housings and proposed design