Megan Hunter

Illustration BDes (Hons)

My work is a mix of creating both digitally and traditionally with a love of creating interesting textures and depths.


I enjoy working both traditionally and digitally, however this year I took advantage of practising my digital skills to prepare me for beyond university. I take a lot of my ideas quite literally and love to illustrate stories that take the viewer on a journey through my drawings. I try not to limit myself to one style so that I can freely create anything I am challenged with.

My main inspirations come from nature, mythology, video games and warm, cosy feelings. I have enjoyed a variety of challenges in my fourth year, from editorial illustration to drawing and writing my own children's book. My time at DJCAD has been challenging, but I have managed to find a way to create things that make me happy. I hope others can find happiness in my drawings too!

Ursa's Star - Childrens book

An illustrated spread of space, with stars, stardust, and various constellation animals. Words read: “Say hello to Leo Lion, Capricornus Goat, Lepus hare, Corvus Crow and Ursa Bear. The animals can only come out when night time comes, where they love to laugh and play all night long.

The charming story of a constellation bear on an adventure to find his lost star.

Squared Eyed Editorial Brief

Central image is a large, red sun with a blue and white lotus flower on top of it. There are orange and yellow rays coming off the sun, with strands of blue DNA following the edge of the rays. At the bottom the image, there are three white and beige pyramids.

Editorial images for a brief surrounding documentaries.

Glasgow Women's library

Image of Sarah’s blue eyes, bloodshot and filled with tears. She is crying.

A live brief collaboration with Glasgow Women's library

Penguin Book Cover Submission

Book cover design I entered into the competition.

Game character portraits

Video game character portraits (personal work).

You can support me by following, liking and sharing my content! I am also available for any commissions, please feel free to email or drop me a DM, I would be happy to chat!