Maude Stubbings

Animation BDes (Hons)

2D Animation and Storyboarding, Character Design and Illustration.


Hello, I'm Maude! My work focuses on storytelling through character performance and design.

Over the past year and a half, I co-wrote and co-directed 'Bus, Stop!', a graduate film, for which I was also a character designer and animator.

With a total of fourteen characters in the film (including Cecil, the sheep), this project put a lot of emphasis on the characters' animation and designs, ensuring that each one felt distinctly different, while still also being relatable to one another.

This year, I have been specialising in 2D character animation and storyboarding, which has allowed me to explore various film-making techniques, and also familiarise myself with the storyboarder's role within an animation pipeline, from early concept, to a rough "beat-board", and eventually the finished animation.

Animation Showreel

Character Design

Some character design work for the film, ‘Bus, Stop!’, as well as turnarounds for a short animation project called ‘Monsters’.

'Strange Night' - Animatic

An animatic for a story about two people who can travel through time. It's loosely influenced by 1960s new wave cinema and spy thrillers of the same period.

Drawings of a male character and a female character. Both are wearing clothes from the 1960s.

Concept drawings of the Characters shown in the 'Strange Night' animatic.

A drawing of a male character wearing round glasses and 1960s clothing.

Concept drawings of the Characters shown in the 'Strange Night' animatic.

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