Matias Bonanata

Digital Interaction Design BSc (Hons)

My work explores our memories and associations attached to music, all which can further our relationship with ourselves and others.


Music itself is an emotional medium, but our experiences and associations that we gather throughout our lives can transform the same music into something uniquely special. Be it a song from our childhood, a heartbreak, or a journey of self-exploration, these can all instantly flood in emotions and memories from a very specific point in time. 

My work throughout these couple of months explored this particular relationship with music, and more specifically how it can form connectedness between people by encapsulating a specific memory and serve as a catalyst in storytelling.

The final product was part service, part product; a device that the user would use over time to collect these memories, all in a way that made sense to that particular person. I wanted it to be incredibly personalized, where the experience of choosing the material, creating the device , receiving it, and using it throughout their lives would be something that in of itself would be a treasured experience.

In the end, as memories are gathered into this personalized machine, the individual can choose whether it be a completely personal experience, or something they might want to share with someone they hold dear in their lives.

Shows the glitchy logo; Music Memory Machine, hovering above a collage of abstract images.
Music Memory Machine; image shows the same person over the course of 76 years divided into three frames using the device, stylized like a 50s magazine.
Storyboard showing two characters interacting with the music memory machine.

The experience mapped out.

Two images side by side, on the left the image shows a cardboard prototype of the music memory machine and on the right the final prototype.

Above shows an example to the experience of the service. Left shows the first iteration, Right shows the finished device which has been personalized specifically to the individual.

I might be selling prints of my work soon (updates on @bona.creations). I'm also very happy to work in a collaborative project of any kind, feel free to send me a message or email at any time!