Lucy Roddam

Animation BDes (Hons)

Hello, I’m Lucy Roddam, a Previsualisation and Background/Layout for 2D animation Specialist, with a passion for visual communication and empathetic design.


I have had the opportunity to work on four of the six short films from Level 4 Animation 2022. This added to my skills and knowledge of the pipeline for animation. 
'Bus, Stop!' is a 2D animated short, for this film I worked as a Concept and Background Artist.

Knitman gave me my first introduction into 3D Animation, I worked on all of the Matte Paintings and produced concept art which featured a colour script and stylisation tests. 
For 'Sickly Sweet' and 'I Remember You' 2D animated shorts I designed title cards. This allowed me to experiment with lino cutting and calligraphy.

In my additional projects ‘Miracle Max’ (from the 1987 film ‘The Princes Bride’) and ‘Around the World In 80 Days’ (Jules Verne’s book and film), I have taken live action media and redesigned them as 2D animated films.

I am currently working with group of fellow students on ‘There’s A Ghost in Ma Hoose’, a 2D short that embraces bringing wolves back into the Scottish Highlands. I have helped with concept design and background development. Our aim with this project is to pitch it to Greenpeace UK. Through these projects I have been able to adapt to different styles and software.

For me the most meaningful piece of work this year was the completion of my dissertation, ‘Understanding Autism Representation in Animation, A Sector Analysis’. I gained considerable awareness of the lack of general representation of Autism in animation. I hope to use what I have learned from this research when working in the industry.

'Frogust' background

Digital painting of a frog sitting in a chair with a book shelf behind. Frog has fireplace to his left and sunlight coming through a window.

A background I designed for one of my personal projects.

'There's A Ghost In Ma Hoose' concept art

Digital painting of a young girl with red hair wearing black glasses. Staring at a blue glowing object.

A concept piece I worked on for the 'There's A Ghost In Ma Hoose' project. Character design by Tatyana Archtander.

'Around The World In 80 Days' concept development

Various concept art pieces inspired by the Jules Verne novel 'Around The world In 80 Days' (1872).

'Miracle Max' ROUS development

Character sheet and location development for rodents of unusual sizes, featuring swamp like locations and style test for characters.

A concept development sheet for the 'Miracle Max' personal project, inspired by the 1987 film 'The Princess Bride'.

'Miracle Max' Prop sheet

A digital painting of various props including potions, crystals, glass jars and containers.

'Miracle Max' House designs

A digital painting with lots of house designs in different stages of development including, sketch, value studies and colour. The houses are very unstable and unusual in shape.

Background design In the style of 'Hilda'

A digital painting of a young girls bedroom with different stages of development, sketch, value study and colour. The room has a warm colour palette and has geometric shapes.

This is a background test in the style of the animated series 'Hilda'.

'Bus,Stop!' Background

This is a composting test for one of my 'Bus,Stop!' backgrounds.

'Knitman' Matte Paintings

Matte Paintings I have completed for the 3D animated short 'Knitman'

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