Le Ding

Product Design MSc

Communikit will help communication by using technology and simple symbology, leading to more efficient service.


There are a lot of inefficiencies in communication within the hospitality industry. Teamwork is expected in the hospitality work environment, but with so many young people in the industry, for many of them it's their first job and communicating efficiently can be a struggle. On a busy night of service, with all the different information about each table going about at the same time, it can be easy to lose track. 

That's where Communikit comes in. It's a digital system that takes existing system information and displays them visually so staff can get a clear idea of what is going on with the restaurant. The design contains two-part: First is the information board that displays all the necessary information on a single platform, while it has minimal text, therefore it is easier for staff to have a glance at the board and instantly know what is going on. The second part is a digital check rail that communicates to the information board. The digital rail gives the chef full control of the older of the check and it's updated at the same time as the restaurant side, to eliminate the delay in information.

A board with lights on and off next to a list of table numbers
A kitchen in a restaurant with a computer screen and food storage beneath it