Lauren Young

Illustration BDes (Hons)

Hi! I'm Lauren, a 22 year old illustrator born and based in Scotland, working with particular interest in music, portraits, and architecture.


lauren young

My illustrations revolve a lot around heavy line-work, inspired by comics I read as a teenager that laid the foundation for my initial interest in illustration. I enjoy using my work to capture emotion and movement in the mundane, and using illustration to study myself and my own behaviour. I have run an etsy shop alongside my studies at art school as a secondary form of income where I've sold some of my personal work as stickers, which has been a fun and exciting venture into the world of small businesses that I hope to keep up for many years to come. 

Post-graduation, I aspire to train and work as a secondary art teacher, in the hopes of passing on some of the skills I've picked up studying at DJCAD to a new generation of young artists and designers. I found in high school there was a general lack of knowledge surrounding more contemporary design practises like illustration, and I would love to be able to inspire others to follow the same path that I have and find inspiration in art practises outside those more commonly covered in secondary schools.

Hometown Hero Comic Book    

Created for the personal book project we started in spring 2020, this comic is based off of the song Hometown Hero by Canadian musician Andy Shauf. This has been one of my favourite songs for years and being able to see it visualised through my own artwork has been really gratifying. I'm going to see Shauf in concert in May, so hopefully by the time the degree show opens, I'll be able to have a signed copy of this as well!

The DCA, pictured over lockdown from the second floor flat across the street as people tried to get in. Submitted as part of the 'Others' project for the portraiture module, Winter 2020.

Composition of three illustrated images of the DCA building in Dundee, as seen at a slightly elevated view, with block colour backgrounds in muted tones of orange and teal. The three panels are displayed on an A3 composition like a comic book page. A bold title in the centre right of the page reads, in all caps: "SORRY, WE'RE CLOSED". One is smaller and square in the top right corner, zoomed in at the front door, and shows the silhouettes of a few people leaning against the glass, trying to see in. The seco

Artery Leaflet

This project was created to be shown as a 4-page booklet, with our only prompt being the word artery. As this was one of the first projects I did whilst working from home, I felt like the cables powering the devices in my room that I was using for my art were almost as equally important as the arteries channelling blood through my body.

Book cover design for the Penguin Student Design Awards 2022

Copy of 'Diary of a Young Naturalist' by Dara McAnulty. The cover is bright yellow, and has a simple illustration of a man with dark hair sitting in the middle, surrounded by colourful silhouettes of woodland animals, including rabbits, birds, foxes and beetles. The author's name is at the top of the cover and the title is at the bottom, and both are done in patchy printed font in very dark grey. two reviews above the title read: "really, really special -Chris Packham" and "an extaordinary voice and vision

A small selection of my work is available on Etsy and more will be added over the summer as the Degree Show winds down.

You can also find me on Facebook at Lauren Young Illustration Dundee, or Instagram at @laurenjyart, where I regularly run commissions and sales through my shop, as well as publishing new works.