Kirsty Brown

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Connecting to nature through textiles.


Black and white portrait of Kirsty Brown

“Psychologist Erich Fromm coined the term "biophilia" in 1964 as a way of describing the innate attraction to processes of life and growth.”

As a designer, the natural world is my inspiration. As I take my visual inspiration from nature, I also borrow my materials from nature. Borrowing is a key part of my designs. As I am only borrowing from nature my designs can be returned to the earth. I borrow my colour from nature, using natural dying processes. I have sourced materials such as wool, hemp and silk to make the most of their natural attributes.

This project takes inspiration from nature in winter and the hidden beauty within hibernation. When nature is ‘sleeping’ it can sometimes be ignored as it is unassuming, not showing off. However, when looking closely ‘sleeping’ nature can provide moments of ‘awe’. I have celebrated hibernation in two collections. The first focuses on the calmness of ‘sleeping’ nature. This restfulness is demonstrated through curves, soft materials, and darker shades. The second collection focuses on ‘awakening’. After a needed rest the first signs of spring emerge. This will be shown through whole shapes and lighter shades.

I strive for my designs to have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Having a connection with nature has proven to be a significant factor in improving mental health and wellbeing. The wall panels that I design are to be used in any space to enhance a connection with the nature outside.


Both dark fabrics together on fence.

This collection demonstrates the beauty of hibernating nature.


Silk fabric with wet felted sections on field fence.

This collection demonstrates the beauty of emerging nature.

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