Kirsty Baird

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Summer Harvest- Adjustable knitwear collections inspired by natural forms that our bodies and vegetables have in common: Growth.


Portrait of Kirsty Baird

Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest garments were designed to be inclusive in size. The purpose for the designs is for the consumer to be able to alter and adjust the garment to the size they would feel more 
comfortable for that day. I created channels where cords run through which the consumer pulls to adjust the size/shape of the garment. Having toggles on the end of the cords allows it to be easier for the consumer to pull and loosen the tightness of the knits. 

My inspiration for the garments is from my own home grown vegetables which I grew with my dad during the pandemic. Over time vegetables change in shape just like our bodies, especially during the covid pandemic when we all indulged more than usual. These connections between our bodies and natural forms heavily inspired me to design garments that can fit all sizes.

I also gathered inspiration from the Dundee botanical gardens where I found that their plant selection varied in shape and sizes which I wanted to include within my own work, taking shapes from those natural forms and creating plump, growing, bulging, zesty designs. The colour scheme for this project is primarily from retro magazine covers as I wanted my designs to be bold, playful, colourful and eye-catching just as the 60’s and 70’s fashion was.

Zesty Collection

Collection of green and pink garments

Modelled Garments

Channels and Cords

Close Up Of Garments