Karolina Beitane

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

During my last year at DJCAD, I worked on projects which allowed me to develop my skills in motion and editorial design.


As a designer, my main interests lie in (but are not limited to) motion graphics/animation. As such, I took the opportunity to undertake a motion design brief as one of my major projects. 'Act Together' is my response to the RSA Moving Pictures brief, in which I visualise the ideas spoken by Vivek Murthy. The animation uses the character of a cat as a visual metaphor for the societal issues that are discussed by the speaker.

This year I have also aimed to develop my typographic skills. 'The Art of War: Shaping Strategy & Tactics' was created as a solution to the ISTD brief 'Shaping The World.' This publication gives the reader an overview of the influence 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu had on the world since its creation over 2000 years ago. From warfare to general life advice, the ancient Chinese military treatise continues to shape strategy and tactics even today.

Act Together

Act Together - Stills

The Art of War: Shaping Strategy & Tactics

Open book spread with a small image of Sun Tzu on the left page with accompanying body copy on both pages.