Joslyn Lundie

Fine Art BA (Hons)

In her creative practice, Joslyn conceptually investigates; branches of philosophical anthropology and their relation to quotidian life through various mediums.


The wall-based installation - constructed of 22 glass panels and photographic baggage scans from airport security, directs viewers to a deeper understanding of current control societies based on the writings of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Each glass panel has been assigned 1 red box, representing an Explosive detection system (EDS) flagged area. Thus creating an EDS mapped language system, allowing the viewer to translate the censored message installed on the gallery wall, by following a provided key. In a controlled society; humans are no longer individuals requiring discipline, but rather, dividual sources of information traced and amalgamated by technological ability and surveillance. This work explores controlled environments today that normalise the exposure of one’s belongings and identity, moving from conventional speech to machine-based learning. EDS technology processes and identifies when density thresholds of baggage are surpassed, implementing limitations and invading the privacy of passengers; whilst dictating the tasks that security staff must carry out to search flagged areas of luggage. The exercise of revealing the concealed message within the gallery space, draws attention to the confinements of regulation experienced by individuals, imposing a mechanistic dividual agenda that must be adhered to when exposing the hidden text.

The image shown is the full work which depicts twenty-two A3 glass panels installed 3cm from the gallery wall, with twenty-two black and white airport baggage scans fixed behind the glass. The sixteen black scans from sketchbook pages are placed to the lower right of the wall showing deep research.
This image was taken from the left side of the gallery space, depicting a side angle of the wall installation constructed.
Close-up images were taken of the interactive business cards. The front side shows my contact details and the mapped-out EDS Language created for this project. The other side allows an area for interaction to write translated letters from the EDS Language.
Close up image from a low angle of the A3 glass, black and white baggage scans, and wall fitting.
Image of the wall writing created using a red vinyl sticker, reading: “Screening Comes To Encompass Two Oppositional Acts:” 6cm above the glass installation.
This image of the artwork shows the smaller sidewall to the left that has a red acrylic engraved key allowing viewers in the space to read the hidden message on the wall by using the created key. Below are also business cards to take away and a foldable zine containing the mapped-out EDS Letters laid on the grey shelf.


Prints of the work and broadsheet printouts of the EDS language showing how the language can be navigated are available to purchase. Please email for more information.