Jenny Scanlan

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Regenerated Rhythm is a range of festival wear, made from up-cycling abandoned festival tents.


17% of all waste from music festivals across the UK is abandoned tents. Tents are said to be one of the hardest items to recycle, meaning up to 90% of abandoned festival tents are sent to landfill or incinerated. This causes a huge environmental impact and even threatens the future of our beloved festivals.

Regenerated Rhythm is a service and brand which up-cycles these abandoned tents into festival wear. They are made into typical waterproof festival clothing, such as bucket hats, bumbags and jackets. Each product is traceable to the festival the tent was regenerated from, and items will be resold at festivals the following years.

The abandoned tents will be given a new life in a different form and a second chance at reliving summers of festivals. The products are bright, colourful and funky- made using 100% recycled materials. Many of the products have a combination of multiple tents, from the material itself to all other components incorporated in the design.


Bumbag at streetwear location shoot
Close up of fine details and components on bucket hat
Bumbag modelled in streetwear style

Bumbags are a festival/rave must have, these bags are big enough to fit all of the essentials- phone, wallet, portable chargers...hip flask? They are waterproof and lightweight.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hat made from yellow tent
close up details of bucket hat
Bucket hat with bright threading details to liven the design up

These bucket hats are bright, colourful, waterproof and lightweight. The perfect addition to any festival outfit. They are made 100% from recycled tents and can be put in the washing machine after a messy weekend in a field


Product tags

The branding of Regenerated Rhythm is acid house inspired- with bright labels and clothing tags and the iconic smiley face. The tags are attached to products using tent components.

Product Range

Final Bucket Hat Design