Jenny Nutbourne

Illustration BDes (Hons)

I use a range of mediums to create colourful children’s books, novelty books and hand-made toys, inspired by animals and my childhood in rural Wales.


Rotating Menagerie 

The Rotating Menagerie is a novelty book depicting animals in their habitats, inspired by traditional carousel rides. The book flips in on itself to reveal new animals each time for the viewer to discover. 

Made from coloured paper, acetate, coloured pencils, cardboard, and glue. The cover was embroidered onto fabric I dyed myself.

Madam and the Chicken Circus 

Madam and the Chicken circus is a children’s book about a dog, Madam, who has always dreamed of joining a circus. After discovering the Chicken Circus, the chickens help her discover her place within the circus. Along with the book, I have made a crochet Madam toy. 

The artwork is made up of scanned sketches and textures and assembled digitally.

The Private lives of the Pharaohs 

A collection of Editorial Illustrations based on the Channel 4 Documentary, Private Lives of the Pharaohs. The documentary follows the DNA Analysis of the Pharaohs, the building of the Pyramids and the use of the Blue Lotus in ancient Egypt. These three concepts are reflected in the three smaller illustrations and have been combined in the main image. 

Digitally drawn using Photoshop.


An illustrated memoir of memories that made my childhood so special. Each item in this illustration reflects an aspect of my life that I have been lucky to experience. I wouldn’t be the person or artist I am without the elements in this illustration. 

The illustration is made up of a collage of paper, pencil and ink

Rotating carousel book

A half opened rotating carousel book. Each page shows an image of an animal made form layered paper

Madam and the Chicken Circus

The cover of a Children's book called Madam and the Chicken Circus. A grey dog is leaning over the title with a circus themed background. Chicks are looking at the dog in both the foreground and the background

Editorial Illustrations for Private Lives of the Pharaohs

A large figure of Tutankhamun with his finger to his mouth as if to say "quiet" stands over Pyramids of Giza. Two women in the foreground hold up blue Lotus flowers to the sky. Lotus flowers decorate the bottom center and the top left and right hand sides of the image. a boarder of DNA strands frome the image
Three separate images. The first shows two women wearing traditional egyptian robes sitting in a lotus. One is standing over the other and pouring liquid onto the other. The other woman is kneeling while holding a lotus and a small bottle. The second image is of 5 men holding up a pyramid, framed by palm trees and sun rays. The third image shows three pharaohs entangled with the strands of three DNA


The image shows a wall and shaelf with watercolour photographs adn mememtos such as family portraits, animals, tree houses, a home, a child drawing, playing accordion and piano. The shelf holds books, a clock, more photographs, boxes and a cat trinket.