Francesca Tata

Art & Philosophy BA (Hons)



Francesca Tata

Tata’ s work derives from the artist's transfiguration of dreams and mnemonic interpretation of forms and figures, recalling her present-past experiences and symbols absorbed since childhood.

Oneiric Forms: Opposites, Potential and Becoming is a journey in the subconscious, wandering among dream hallucinations and appearances while contemplating the Dantean Dark Forest of our times; a visual metaphor of the generational dark times of the mind, where truth and free thinking have been substituted by Political indoctrination, Censorship and Othering.

Combining woodcarving, oil painting, woodcut relief printing, metal work and ceramics, the practice re-discovers traditional techniques and archetypes. While adapting to the contemporary critique of matter (following Dissertation research), the focus of practice rests on the cathartic experience of assimilating and physically creating visual and aesthetic content, with specific attention for the symmetry and balance of opposites, and the individual’s potential vs mass thinking.

Surrounded by grey walls (where the opposites meet and colour truly reveals itself), the Generating Mother, the Disposable Father, the Egg and Whirls fill in the space, a combination of subjects derived from Freudian, Hegelian, Jungian and classical literature studies and objectives, while aesthetically inspired by Italian Heritage and deepen knowledge of History of Art, favouring the Italian Renaissance to the European Avant-Guards periods specifically.

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