Frances Smith

Art & Philosophy BA (Hons)

I use self-portraiture to explore the Mundane Ugly and the philosophical integrity of Ugliness.


Frances Smith

My motive is to highlight the banal reality of ugliness and restructure the binary of beauty and ugliness into a spectrum of aesthetic free from moral judgement. The phenomenological approach to ugliness that forms the core of my work is illustrated through 'un-flattering' self-portraits. The ultimate goal is for ugliness and the judgment of ugliness to become obsolete, with aesthetic considerations informing only our very basic impressions.

An Ugly Collection of Characters

A small collection of self portraits from various unflattering angles, with one larger image above a triptych

The Mundane Ugly

I am not currently selling or producing commercial work, if you wish to support me please consider donating to any LGBTQ+ cause, or becoming for ecologically active in your community.