Felix Sinclair

Fine Art BA (Hons)

A doorway to the unconscious, abstract expressions of the unknown and unspoken, I use many layers of paint and carving techniques to create expressions


I am interested in the psychosocial / psychological/ spiritual aspects of paintings, understanding myself through the action of painting. A huge practiser of meditation, this has allowed me to understand that my journey with art, takes me inward, looking to my higher self, or the part of me reaching out for something else. Interested in the abstract expressionists and the ways in which they approach creativity. Every time I journey inward to paint an outward experience, I try to connect to the deeper levels of my unconscious.

Personal experiences are reflected in my practise. The dark the light, the humorous or not so much. By exploring layering and wood carving, I enjoy to create something from many angles, taking risky brush strokes and carving away things, revealing what's underneath.

"The Moon and Sun" Acrylic and wood carving on board 2022

large scale wooden painting, with large dark brush strokes, the wood has been carved into and the paint sanded back

The Moon and Sun are a duo of paintings, representing to me the unconscious feminine and masculine traits within myself. Using many layers and wood carving techniques to reveal the multitude of surface area hidden within the painting.

"The Moon and Sun" Acrylic and Wood carving on Board 2022

large scale painting on wood, bright reds and oranges mixed with creams and dark black strokes.

"Cafe" Acrylic, Tiling and Wood carving on Board

Acrylic painting on board with tiles at the top and carved in sections with colour added to them.

A wholesome scene...

"Window" Photo Polymer Prints on Paper

Four separate prints of a distorted face, making a window as they rest on the paper

A stretch of the EGO