Evie Thomson

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

A collection of textiles produced for the stage, which explore the narrative of Brothers Grimm's Snow White.


Black and white portrait of Evie Thomson

Snow White and the Evil Queen

I have always had a love for dance and performance, the life that costume can bring to the production and the performers is crucial to a cohesive and exciting show. Exaggerated and detailed costumes have always caught my eye and this is something I wanted to explore in my work. I have created bold and dramatic designs with hand embroidery and beaded details which will shimmer under the stage lights to enhance the wearer's movements. 

For this collection I looked at the Brothers Grimm story of Snow White, this tale has been diluted over time to the Disney version we know today, but I am more interested in the dark and gory original version. This twisted storyline is evil and wicked with murder plots, cannibalism and cruel punishments. I want to try to convey the more gruesome side to the story and foreshadow the devilish nature of the malicious scenes. From dangerous forests to human organs, I have taken these grim images and created beautiful and enticing textiles.

Fake blood droplets on a fine nude mesh.

The Evil Queen

These samples explore the gruesome imagery of the Evil Queen.

White velvet and sheer sample with blue blotchy marks.

Snow White

These samples explore the dangers surrounding Snow White in the dark forest.