Emily Downing

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Captivating, hand painted silk scarves, created to start conversations and raise awareness.


Emily Downing

I have created a collection of multipurpose silk scarves to raise awareness for Alopecia and help educate others. Alopecia is often an overlooked condition by the medical field, as it isn’t seen as a life threatening condition. However, that doesn’t take into consideration the great mental toll it takes on its sufferer’s. The rationale behind these scarves is to create bold and captivating designs that will start a conversation about Alopecia. Having these conversations will reduce the stigma of having the condition, as well as educate the medical profession to the danger Alopecia causes to sufferer's mental health. 

For my visual inspiration, I was drawn to seaweed as it has many overlooked qualities. Each piece has its own unique markings created by its journey in the sea, which means that no two pieces are identical. When taking photos of seaweed, I used a clear bowl filled with water and a torch to capture the intricate details and individual characteristics of each piece. The torch elevated the colours and showed the seaweed in a different light. When working on my silk, I chose to hand paint each piece as not only was this the traditional way, but it also reflects on the seaweed having its own unique markings.





 This image shows a square silk scarf with a striped pattern using red, pink, navy and royal blue. The stripes are horizontal, and the colours blend into one another. It has a blue striped boarder with navy, light blue and royal blue.


This image shows a square silk scarf. The scarf has a thin lime yellow boarder, it the goes into a thicker blue ombré effect with navy line detailing. In the centre is a smaller pink square with royal blue detailing.


this image shows a monochromatic blue square silk scarve. The shades of blue are navy, royal blue and light blue. The shades have been blended together in a chevron pattern. It featured a thin navy boarder which goes to a striped boarder and then a very thin pale blue boarder.

A percentage of the proceedings from this scarf will be donated to the Alopecia UK charity.