Ella Stone

Product Design BSc (Hons)

The Bloody Box is an emotional and physical toolkit to help first time menstruators navigate their first period.


The Bloody Box is a toolkit for first time menstruators to help navigate both the emotional and physical turmoil that accompany the act of bleeding out of your genitals for the first ever time. 

In an advent calendar-like experience, the Bloody Box has 6 drawers, each containing a period related ‘gift’ and a corresponding information booklet that breaks down one aspect of menstruation at a time. The box covers a plethora of topics surrounding menstruation attempting to make your first period a more fun and educational experience.

The points covered range from period pain management to tackling the taboo of menstruation; trying to incite pride in periods and a sense of community amongst bleeders. So many people I know grew up feeling embarrassed, ashamed and alone about the fact they bled, forgetting that half the population will have a period at one point in their lives.

With its vibrant graphics, the Bloody Box is loud and unapologetic about its contents. Diverging from other period product brands that struggle to mention menstruation or even blood. Steering clear of euphemisms and introducing period vocabulary into everyday life, I am attempting to normalise periods because it is quite ridiculous that in 2022 people still walk on eggshells whenever menstruation is brought into conversation.

The Bloody Box

contents of box to help with periods - sanitary towels and cards
box with coloured drawers with different numbers on them
hands holding brightly decorated box with words 'the bloody box' on it
box with coloured drawers with different numbers on them, hand opening one of the drawers