Elisha Peralta

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Interwoven: The Modern Bauhaus Project - is a collection of digitally printed interior textiles taking inspiration from the Bauhaus project.


'Form follows Function' was the main motto of the Bauhaus art movement. This principle proposes that the designs using geometric shapes and simple layouts should still maintain focus on the function of the subject. This became a starting point for designers and architects, to look at the functionality of a building or such in order to design for it. 

Interwoven is a series of interior textile designs. This project takes inspiration from the textile company Designtex, who created a collaboration with the Bauhaus Project. The collaboration brought together old woven designs and placed a twist on them by using modern day technology to digitally print them into rugs. Following Designtex's vision in combining two styles of work, I chose to reflect on my personal archive, taking inspiration from grid like themes seen throughout and by using the skills I have learned over my four years of education, I chose to digitally print designs, also bringing the old and new together. Following the motto 'Form follows Function', the visual inspiration for this project comes from buildings themselves, specifically grid-like structures seen around the university, some of which are details that often go unnoticed, in order to design for interiors textiles to be places within buildings and homes.

a green and cream grid pattern
a red and cream grid pattern
one green and one red patterned pillows on a white background

Interwoven as Cushions

Designs in Context