Eirinn Leigh Reay

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

I strived to get the most industry experience possible from my final year by pushing myself to answer competition briefs with a variety of deliverables.


“Better Connections Build Conversations” is an RSA Student Awards competition brief where Dr Vivec Murthy, the speaker within the stop motion animation, carefully chooses positive and constructive language to drive home the theme of connection to the listener. Building conversation as a community helps us understand each other more and ultimately address global issues more effectively in collaboration. The construction of each stop motion scene aims to visualise the effort required to build upon and improve something, inspired by Dr Murthy’s positive dialogue.
 “Duopen the World” is a D&AD competition brief set by Duolingo to reintroduce their habitual language learning app to lose who have lost interest. Duopen the World is a campaign in partnership with TripAdvisor that introduces their avian mascot, Ollie the Owl, into the world of Duolingo. The pair offer rewards to British holiday goers that commit to relearning their second language that they can spend on their next vacation! DuoScreen is an extension to your devices that morphs your native language into your chosen second language randomly throughout the day.

For the ISTD brief “Shaping the World,” I chose to design a publication that showcased the worldwide impact of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling. The Daily Prophet newspaper and the book series’ unusual ability to blend the modern-day world with the past has inspired the visual outcome of this brief.

Better Conversations Begin by Building Connections

RSA Student Awards 21/22 Submission

The short animation features over 100 individual components. It was an extremely time consuming yet rewarding process once seeing the final outcome. I approached the visuals with a graphical approach as icons are usually recognisable to a wide audience, as mentioned previously. My illustrative style served functional purposes as well as aesthetic. The icons had to be as simple as possible to suit a limited colour palette and to avoid overly complex compositions for laser cutting, while staying recognisable as the object it is representing.

Stop Motion Production Timelapse

Duopen the World

Duo (Duolingo's owl mascot) and Ollie (Tripadvisor's owl mascot) are illustrated opening doors that have a Earth pattern, symbolising language learning opens up the world.

D&AD New Blood 21/22 Submission

Duo (Duolingo's owl mascot) and Ollie (Tripadvisor's owl mascot) are illustrated looking determined. Text describes their character and explains the Duopen the World campaign.
A series of illustrated phone mock up explains the DuoScreen extension. Stills of a user completing a DuoScreen asking what the correct word for garden is in French is an example of this.
Phone mock ups show the team page within Tripadvisor's app for the Duopen the World campaign and how DuoScreen can interact within other apps outwith Tripadvisor.
Three posters are showcased on a starry background. From left to right; Duo and Ollie are illustrated sitting on tickets to Poland, Duo and Ollie are walking away happily from an oversized green passport, and Duo and Ollie are jumping out from behind a large bottle of sunscreen and sunglasses shaped like the two birds.

The campaign’s advertising utilises the fact that you almost always forget an essential in preparation for your holiday. Duo and Ollie remind you to pack your tickets, passports, chargers, but most importantly, your second language! Out of home advertising would be situated in places of travel and around shops where you would buy holiday essentials.

The campaign extends to social media; showing a social media filter that places a holiday countdown on the screen, or places Duo and Ollie shaped glasses on the user's face.


Thanks for looking! Please do not hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or LinkedIn, or send an email if you have any questions about my work or to discuss work opportunities. I am currently collaborating with V&A Dundee to produce a Health and Wellbeing trail, for more information please check out my portfolio.