Eilidh Smith

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

Graphic Designer


This year I completed 3 major projects: D&AD, ISTD and Hatch. I wanted to challenge myself to complete a range of briefs within different disciplines of graphic design – visual identity and campaign design, editorial design and packaging design. I am proud of the work that I have produced this year and I am excited for the journey ahead.

D&AD - Wring it Out

Washing line with 5 items of clothing with drips falling from clothes. A typographic logo with the ‘o’ replaced with an arrow in the shape of a water drop is displayed across the top.

The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of water, using 1.5 trillion litres of water a year and accounts for 20% of the world’s water pollution. A large majority of the clothes we wear are produced in countries with high water stress. This results in garment workers being left to drink unsafe water. Just one cotton T-shirt uses 3,182 litres of water to produce. A pair of jeans uses 9,092 litres. Through calculations it was found that these items could have provided 1,591 and 4,546 days of clean drinking water (based on drinking 2 litres a day). Wring It Out is a campaign aiming to raise awareness about the amount of water used to make our clothes and why this is a problem. The aim of the campaign is to make people switch to clothing made from sustainable materials and reduce the amount they buy, while giving back to the people who make our clothes. The campaign features a website to figure out how wet your wardrobe is and a physical campaign including posters and water filled tanks that are displayed in shopping centres.

ISTD - The Legacy of Robert Stevenson

A4 book cover with leather cover and crest and title ‘The Legacy of Robert Stevenson’ foil blocked into the centre of the page.

The Legacy of Robert Stevenson is a response to the ISTD Brief Lighthouses of the World. The publication explores the inspiration work and legacy of Robert Stevenson by discussing significant lighthouses along the way. When researching the work of the Stevenson family they are often referred to as ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson, although true, the work the Stevenson’s did to protect Scottish mariners should be celebrated. The aim of the publication is to educate people about the work that Robert Stevenson did for Scotland and to evoke a sense of pride. The colours used are taken from the Stevenson tartan to appeal to an audience that is interested in Scottish history. The publication takes inspiration from light keeper logbooks, with logbook entries, handwritten elements and tables.

Hatch - Edify

Edify logo on centre, with a bright purple wiggly line drawn diagonally through the page. Cans on both sides of the logo with the same design but colours reversed for each variation.

Two of the main reasons people drink alcohol is to relieve stress and become more relaxed or to boost their mood and enhance their experience. Many of the functional drinks already on the market are not available in flavours that consumers would typically drink along with their alcohol. Edify is here to fill this gap. Edify is a functional drinks brand that can be mixed with alcohol or drunk on its own. The range includes tonic water, lemonade and ginger beer – which are the most popular ‘mixers’. Edify will produce 2 of each mixer – a calming version and an energising version – to appeal to both drinking attitudes and widen the target market. As the brand grows the range of drinks available can be expanded by introducing other popular ‘mixers’.