Edie Urquhart

Illustration BDes (Hons)

Dundee-based illustrator and drag artist, creating work with a focus on feminism, storytelling, and queer existence.


My work is heavily influenced by alternative subcultures and frequently employs a grungy, punk aesthetic. I also have a lifelong and deep-seated love for telling stories and creating characters, and my work as an artist often goes hand in hand with my work as a writer.

Diana La Cazadora

Excerpts from multimedia zine inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s, created in retaliation to the continued prevalence of gender-based violence.

Die Weiße Rose

A watercolour painting of two pairs of eyes on a dark brown background, one above the other. One pair is closed; the other open and tearful. The words ‘such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go’ are written underneath them in German, in a white serif font.

Excerpts from a 32-page historical picture book based on the true story of The White Rose, a nonviolent student resistance group in Nazi Germany.

A Murder Most Unladylike Cover

A flat image of a book cover, showing a close-up view of the torso of a girl wearing a grey school uniform, with a red and yellow crest on the left side of her blazer and a red tie. She has pale blonde hair tied in pigtails with red ribbons, and holds a magnifying glass with her right hand. The text 'A Murder Most Unladylike' is written in a cursive style on the bottom left side of the page.

Cover design for Robin Stevens' novel 'A Murder Most Unladylike', created for Penguin Books design competition.

Everyday Wintergreen

A line drawing of a pair of heavily worn boots resting on grass. There are flowers growing on the ground beside them, and sticking up behind them.

Series of images illustrating 'Everyday Wintergreen' by Elizabeth Reeder, a story inspired by the life of botanist Mary McCallum Webster, written for the Glasgow Women's Library 21 Revolutions project.

Two Slow Dancers

A black and white comic. First panel: an empty wrestling ring, in a spotlight. Second: a pair of feet wearing half-laced wrestling boots and the third a wall covered in photographs and memorabilia, including several pictures of a woman with blonde hair and a black crop top holding a title belt. Fourth: a close-up of a young woman’s dark brown eyes; the fifth shows the same eyes, except visibly aged, with a scar splitting the left eyebrow. The others show the blonde climbing into a wrestling ring.

Four-page comic inspired by the documentary series 'Dark Side of the Ring' and the song 'Two Slow Dancers' by Mitski, focusing on themes of ageing and addiction as a professional wrestler. Excerpt from zine project 'Parts Unknown', a series of short-form original comics about women's wrestling.

A woman in a black top with a star on the chest and blonde hair in a wrestling ring. Her teeth are gritted in pain and she reaches out with one hand. Second: the same woman lying in the ring, having just lost a match, and then being helped to her feet by a dark figure. Next: a pair of bare legs with scarred, bruised knees; a bottle of painkillers; and an x-ray of a leg. Then a bottle of vodka next to an ashtray and two bottles of unlabelled medication, and then the same boots only empty.