Darta Vitola

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Recently sustainable shopping has gained a lot of attention, this project explores ways how to facilitate this concept in a vacant space in Dundee city centre


The site is on Chapel Street. The existing retail building is iconic to Dundee. But sadly, due to its outdated design and large scale about 80% of its stores are empty. The few stores which are open have minimal foot traffic.

Because of this I propose to demolish the existing building to give way to a space that holds smaller scale retail stores with a substantial amount of green spaces.

The aim is to foster a unique community of people who are mindful of their shopping choices and care for their environment. The space has workshops which are equipped to repair items that are of value to their holder. The site has a mixture of intimate and social spaces of interaction. The market space provides unpredictable experiences for the visitor as well as the opportunity to support local businesses.


Darto Vitola featured image

The proposed site from the Meadowside entrance

Site visualisation showing the two workshop buildings

Site visualisation showing the two workshop buildings

Green areas

Green areas

Sketch model

Paper structures. In the middle a model of a person stands.

User journey

Diagram depicting user journey

Floor plan

Graphic depicting the area from above