Constantina Phanou

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Two knitwear collections, with customisable details, inspired by pebbles; based on the concept of emotionally durable design.


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This project is based on the concept of emotionally durable design and the relationship people have with their clothes.  It studies how the wearer-garment bond is created and the ways this bond can last through the years.  The aim of the project is to design bold and colourful knitwear with customisable details which will make the garment special to each wearer.  Getting people involved in the design process of their clothes creates an attachment to the garment, making it feel more personal, and helps the wearer-clothing relationship become stronger. The inspiration behind this project is the attachment I have to pebbles I collected through the years from different holidays. The idea was to explore why and how people get attached to different things like pebbles or clothes and how can this concept be used in my design process. Through this project, I have explored multiple knitting techniques like intarsia, chevron, lace etc and experimented with colour and sparkly yarns to achieve the best representation of the intricate details and beautiful colours of the pebbles.

The intarsia collection

The lace collection