Chloe Allen

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Creating a strong sense of story telling and increase user engagement through the revitalisation of an already existing board game - Labyrinth.


How do you make an old game new? Focussing on the differences of user engagement during none-technology board games and digital consoles. The pandemic resulted in everybody's lives shutting down and being contained in the same space with the same people. Digital consoles were a great way for people to stay connected from different places, but there was also the aspect of interacting with who you were living with. Board game sales rose during the pandemic with people needing things to do and having the ability to do something that didn't include technology. I wondered how these board games would be used after the lockdowns ended and wanted to create a way to keep it interesting and relevant. Technology is a big part of society today and I wanted to have it included but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't take over the interaction of physical playing.

Labyrinth: champion or captured? takes the standard game of Labyrinth and revitalises it by adding a holographic instructor that will explain the story of the game and how the end goal will be achieved. The Labyrinth game has many adaptations but they mainly keep the same method of play, the only part that changes is the visual aspect. This version hopes to great a deeper dive into the game and the story, encouraging a competitive environment and a quicker connection to the game, with the involvement starting before the game is even set up. The packaging box doubles as the box for the hologram.

The original Labyrinth board game sits next to the new version designed by Chloe Allen