Charlie Chisholm

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

Graphic Designer and Photographer


Here is some of my work from my time at DJCAD.

Language never leaves us - D&AD 2022

You're on your way to work and see a flash of green in the corner of your eye, what was that? You carry on but the further you go, the more you see... It's Duo. He is taunting you on your daily commute to work, he is pasted in mass abundance all over the streets. You wonder why he is everywhere, even when you put him on mute! He's in your head now, you've seen each other everywhere - all - day, you can't escape the nagging feeling "I could do a lesson, just to get him out of my head" but he never goes. When you jump on the bus to get home, he'll be waiting at the seat in front of you, he's always watching. The journey only takes 10 minutes, so does a lesson, maybe you should catch up, what else are you going to do? After all, language never leaves us.

Soma Records - Rebranding Project

A rebrand concept of Glasgow based electronic music label, Soma.

Ambitious Cities - RSA 2022

The Fr_nge Project

Poster for Art Trail Edinburgh with pink arrow heads and two QR code boxes

The Fr_nge Project: Art Trail was an online and physical art hunt located in Edinburgh that utilised QR code portals to promote local creatives' work during the COVID-19 lockdown, it was a pro bono project made in collaboration with fellow classmates Eirrin Reay, Hazel Duncan, Katrina High and Storm Dobson. Poster design by Katrina High.

I enjoy creating looping animations in my spare time.


Some photos from my work as a nightclub photographer.