Charis Simpson

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Redesigning Tarlair outdoor pool, based in Macduff, Banff, Scotland, changing the space into a wellness retreat.


black and white image of Charis

This site is surrounded by cliffs, with two sea water pools that face the North Sea. The sea cliffs are in front of a local golf course from nearby town Macduff. By transforming the current outdoor pools will create a complex which aims to boost and improve physical and mental health through swimming and fitness. 

During the pandemic there has been a significant increase in the number of people that go outdoor swimming, or that have even tried the swimming style. This is due to the positive mental and physical impacts that are experienced from the activity. The complex includes new areas to encourage a wellness lifestyle. With many areas to warm up from after drop, these zones create a fun and comfortable environment. Included are retreat pods situated in the cliffs. Together with spa facilities and a cafe, this creates an opportunity for relaxation. With influence of the sea, wave shapes are included within many aspects of the building designs. This is a theme which has been continued throughout the overall site.


Front view of the Art Deco lido in front of the cliff
wide angle perspective of the site from the entrance
perspective view of the lido placed on the site, from the right hand side

Tarlair analysis site

Tarlair presentation page summing the site

Visual mapping

an abstract mapping off the overall site, with sketch layers