Cara Volpin

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Cara's work is a visual representation of her brain and the ever-evolving collection of 'core memories' that have created her as a person.


My work is a visual representation of the inner workings of my brain, a storage room full of my ever-evolving collection of memories. Core memories play a significant part in creating who we are as a person, sometimes making the insignificant moments most significant to us.

My work plays on color theory to represent the constant change and the chaos in my mind, and that although things and people in our lives are constantly changing our core memories stay the same. My painting style of using line demonstrates the flow and consistency of how my core memories have remained through me through the change in my life.

My brain is very much like a silent disco, it is very loud and chaotic and does not make much sense on the inside but on the outside, you would be none the wiser to the chaos within, my work aims to give my audience the opportunity to step inside my mind to experience my experiences with me.


Sound provided by Mark Wallace

Handwriting provided for ‘I love you best friend’ provided by my best friend Corey Calder