Caoimhe Cunningham

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Caoimhe's practice works to creatively represent the mathematical make-up of music.


 close-up picture of a young white woman with brown plated hair and make-up on a white background. She looks directly at the camera and is smiling slightly.

The digital paintings I create display a scene that represents the movement of music, frozen in time. My work is created by untangling the previously intangible mathematical make-up of a musical piece and translating it into something visible. The long process of creating each piece always begins with music, which I extract information from and continue by feeding this data through formulaic equations and graphs that will eventually inspire the graphics in my paintings. The way that the formula is presented means that the graphics can be mapped on top of the graphs to represent the movement of the music. As part of the swirling graphic paintings, colour plays a significant role in my work. The colour is usually inspired by other natural phenomena where movement can be tracked with colour. In addition, my understanding of music has played a large part in the representation of its movement so I have also integrated making music into my work by using the data from the music that I have made.

The portrait piece fades in and out from powder to light blue. The piece is made up of a repetitive pattern of 100s of small white lines that form together. Parts of the pattern are in higher densities than others. The wave-like pattern has been heavily distorted. Across the top of the is written the lyrics ‘Come be my teacher’ written in English and ‘네 모든 걸 다 가르쳐줘’ written in Korean transposed over the top of the English. In the centre right are the korean text ‘그때 니가 내게 줬던 두 날개로’. All text is distorted
This portrait digital painting is light blue. There are thousands of white lines from left to right across the surface. They move up and down. Messy hand-written words are written in the same colour as the background across the canvas, these words can not be made out.
This landscape picture shows the patten of woven together graphic white lines

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