Ana Vich Cologan

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

A creative mind with a passion for sustainability. Nature and the ocean inspire me the most!


I enjoy developing fun and interactive concepts, which is why I thoroughly enjoy designing brands and coming up with campaigns. I have a passion for video editing which started modestly by making home movies on iMovie, but I am happy to report, has evolved to proper editing skills on After Effects. Beyond this, I like to experiment with photography and painting is one of my favourite hobbies!

The Five Minute Read

Have you heard all the wonderful benefits of reading, but you feel like you don’t have enough time? Do you have “read more – or any – books”, year after year, as one of your New Year Resolutions? Penguin’s Five Minute Read is a daily activity to fit in a couple of minutes of reading a day, whilst making the most of the time you have to spare throughout your everyday. Who knows, with time a small habit could become an enjoyable hobby. The Five Minute Read is my response to the D&AD New Blood brief set by Penguin.


Three cans over an orange and red gradient background. The cans are displayed in a pyramid perspective position.

Scene is a non-alcoholic drink brand designed to act as a go-to alternative to fizzy drinks for social drinking occasions. If you don’t drink you shouldn’t be forced to be stuck with unhealthy fizzy drinks or…tap water? Instead, Scene is an infused sparkling water which provides you with mood-boosting, energising or relaxing natural ingredients depending on your plans. Match your scene, whether you are: Enjoying a sunny day at the park with friends; The Coconut & Watermelon Scene will keep you hydrated and refreshed. Joining your colleagues at your local pub after a long and exhausting workday; Why not try the relaxing Apple, Berries and Elderflower Scene? At a party; Try the naturally caffeinated Goji Berry and Orange Scene and keep energised to bust those moves all night long. Moreover, enjoy the exclusive Dobble: Scene Edition, a matching card game where every card has only one item in common with any other card. Be sure to take the game to your next social gathering alongside your Scene drinks for a fun-guaranteed afternoon.

A Warm Colour for a Cool Earth

A compost bin filled with soil. On top a yellow rectangular box and a single yellow blister pack leaning on the box.

Although recyclable, everyday blister packs tend to be incorrectly disposed of and end up in landfills as a result of the difficulty in the separation process of the different materials. The proposal is to replace current plastic and aluminium with compostable plastic and film materials. Traceless is a start-up company in Germany developing a material made out of residues from the agricultural industry, which disintegrates in natural composting conditions within 2-9 weeks, making it a suitable alternative for one-use plastics. This material, although dyeable, naturally has a distinctive yellow colour, which would be embraced in a campaign to teach people how to correctly dispose of these warm coloured blisters. Consequently, preventing them from ending up in landfills and releasing greenhouse gases, which are a leading cause of the heating of the Earth. A Warm Colour for a Cool Earth is my response to the RSA Student Design Awards brief Without the Waste.