Alexandra Camp

Product Design BSc (Hons)

ProjectMedusa is a product service with the purpose to curate a series of sumptuous products to help women navigate their journey through menopause.


ProjectMedusa is a service which provides a range of products that each target different common menopausal symptoms, for those who do not wish to use Hormone Replacement Therapy. The idea for this project came after noticing how underwhelming and ghastly my mums menopause products looked. It really made menopause feel like a condition when it is a total normal and beautiful stage of every woman’s life. The driver behind this project was to create a brand that makes women feel sexy and revitalised the same way skincare products do. However, all the products still keep a strong medical presence with the ingredients and science behind them.

The project consists of a potential care package which acts as a gift box for women who are beginning their menopause journey. With six items and an information card, the gift box is there to invoke a storytelling experience for each user as they start their own story. 

The service also provides and individual product delivery system so women can also refill after learning which symptoms they suffer from most. Furthermore, bundles are available to suit every woman’s lifestyle from working to travelling.

Beginners Gift Box

A landscape image showcasing a range of glass bottles with a uniform branding, a hand constructed black box and small black side pouch with a green embroidered snake.

The collection of products from ProjectMedusa.

Range of Final Products

A close up image of the seven products, some glass bottles, a tin, a card and shimmery pouch with uniform branding, all laid out in a line with a pale green background.

The collection of a potential set of menopause products.

ProjectMedusa in Context

A landscape image showcasing five glass bottles of varying sizes set by a bathroom windowsill with a house plant next to them.

ProjectMedusa Working Video

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