Alexander Vanderplank

Animation BDes (Hons)

Story and Visual Development Artist


My work is very much inspired by the world around me, in particular, the Isle of Man and its folklore. Having written my dissertation on 'The Origins of Manx Fairytales', I explored and found the real-world locations of the stories. I used what I had discovered to inform my project, storyboarding the Manx tale, 'The Buggane of St Trinians'. My favourite part of the storytelling process is the research and I have been able do so extensively through my concept and storyboard project based upon a true account of a resident of Prypyat, Chernobyl, returning to her home 26 years after the disaster. I chose to focus on the life of the city that would become frozen in time instead of the disaster itself. The core theme of the project became nostalgia for the irretrievable past, Chernobyl being a setting in which this concept is amplified to the extreme.

I love learning about the natural world and my dream would be to combine these influences in an animated wildlife documentary, which I feel would be a great opportunity to showcase places where our minds may go but real-life cameras cannot. Without the limitation of physical cameras, I feel that the drama, spectacle and emotion of the natural world could be fully realised.



A girl walks through her old Pripyat apartment

Collaborative story and design project based upon 1980s Pripyat.

Bus, stop!

As the bus travels through the hilly landscape the sun sets

I worked as a concept artist on the 2D short film, 'Bus,stop!'

Boy finds blue mist at night in lily field
Young girl in red dress

Life Drawing

You can see more of my work on my website and keep up with my future work at my Instagram.