Alex Czarnecka

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Multi-Storey Metamorphosis' reimagines the structure of Social Housing inspired by chess and enriches the community through Cook, Create and Co-live


Multi Storey Metamorphosis is a sixteen-storey adaptive reuse of Elders Court, which is a site surrounded with negative connotations that sticks out like a sore thumb in the Lochee area of Dundee. The space focuses on removing stigma regarding Social Housing and making it a desirable place to occupy by offering new options for the community to spend their time.

Dull and uninviting Brutalist blocks are transformed into an engaging space for the community, full of playful elements which encourage residents and people of the city to congregate and interact. Cook, Create and Co-Live are combined into one floor plan and separate from the residential floors. The building alternates between the communal three C’s and private residential floors, encouraging activity but also providing peace. The welcoming ground floor attracts visitors, and the roof top garden is an ideal retreat with beautiful views of the city.

The design is inspired by chess, as it is a multi-generational game which anyone can play, no matter their skills. Analysing chess piece movement during a chess game inspired the geometric floor plans and façade, therefore the design allows residents to create their own configuration within the community as they become the chess pieces.




Artists impression of a community set out with different uses

Cook, Create & Co-Live

Artists impression of an interior floor plan on a house with dining, kitchen and living area


Artists impression of a ground floor plan for a home

Ground Floor

Roof top Garden with a fire place and flower bed

Rooftop garden



There is a lack of community despite the people of Elder's Court intersecting often, similar to chess pieces of a chess board


1:200 3D printed models with zones which show what each area is


Floors arranged using colour to differentiate what they are with the geometric shapes inspired by chess piece moves



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