Alda Opavszki

Fine Art MFA

My work blends fairytale-esque elements with an eerie atmosphere and combines contrasting imagery to tackle the brokenness and beauty of the human condition.


Throughout my 8 years of studying art (4 years of graphic design in high school), I have explored a number of mediums, both digital and traditional. The portfolio I have prepared for the degree show consists mostly of oil paintings because recently I've been enjoying the more physical aspects of the artistic process, creating depth through layers of colours and texture. I enjoy working in a smaller scale, so I get to immerse myself in the details, which I find really therapeutic.  My main inspirations are surrealism, symbolism and Art Nouveau’s muted and sombre colours and extensive use of arches and curved forms. Dreams also play an important role in my art, as I think that the unconscious mind can be really intriguing and even poetic. My paintings combine aesthetically pleasing visuals with unsettling themes, childhood fantasy and anxieties in an attempt to come to terms with topics such as the passing of time and decay. While my works have illustrative elements, but I like to ask questions with my art and leave the interpretation to the viewer.

oil painting, surrealist portrait
oil painting, surrealist portrait
photograph, portrait

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