Alanna Barrie

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Designing hand printed wearables for comfort, specifically a multipurpose scarf inspired from sunset images and the Scottish landscape.


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I am designing wearables for comfort. Specifically, a scarf which is versatile in how you can wear it for example, around the wearer's neck, shoulders, arms or in hair. Having something tactile which the wearer can touch and wrap around themselves. To provide feelings of being comforted much like a hug.

For my first collection, Sunset Comfort, I am looking at images my dad took of sunsets and am taking inspiration from the warm colours. I am going to focus on organic, strips and layers to represent a sunset. They will be made from wool and silk which are soft to touch and breathable on the skin. These prints will aim to create a comforting mood. 

For my second collection, New Beginnings, I will be taking inspiration from the Scottish landscape, in particular the wildflowers that grow in the highlands such as heather. Taking influence from the natural bright colours of the highlands to evoke a feeling of newness and celebration. 

I have always felt comforted by seascapes and sunsets as they allow you to be present and mindful. In spring things begin to sprout to allow room for new growth. I want the first collection to encapsulate a comforting moment which then allows the wearer to move forward and be free within the second collection.

Sunset comfort sandwash silk scarf one

Sunset comfort sandwash silk scarf two

Sunset comfort Voltaire wool scarf one

Sunset comfort Voltaire wool scarf two

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