Zoë Grundy

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Hi my name is Zoë, I am a 2021 graduate from the Interior Environmental Design course at DJCAD in Dundee. My project is a Heath and well-being centre based in Dundee.


Zoe Grundy

I have always been interested in the creative aspects of life including art, design, music and dance. Upon leaving school at the age of 18 I attended Dundee and Angus College where I achieved an HNC in 3D design before going on to start my 4-year degree at the University of Dundee. Finishing my degree during Covid-19 has certainly been a challenge but I did all that I could to ensure my project was successful. The aim for my project was to create a concept that would benefit the community. My project is titled Hälsa, the verb meaning welcome and the noun meaning good health. The inspiration behind the name is my maternal grandmother. She was born and raised in Sweden and came to Scotland in her late teens where she met my grandfather. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early thirties and fought until her early seventies. Socialising and community were hugely important to her and I feel that my design would have helped her and many like her. The concept is a health and wellbeing centre which provides the necessary healthcare whilst also allowing for social connections between those who attend. The building will include physic, sensory spaces, therapies such as art, music and physical. There will also be a hydrotherapy pool and large gym hall for accessible group sports. There will be trained medical staff on sight to assist those who need whilst also providing relaxation spaces such as a library, cafe and outdoor and indoor gardens.

Main Board

Drawing of the outside of two buildings with surrounding area showing a brick building in detail

Final A0 board detailing aspects of the design with an eye catching image.

View of Full Site Design

Artists impression of two buildings joined by a walkway with paths around the garden

An axonometric view of my final site design.

Mezzanine Level Visual

Artists impress of the inside of a building with play areas

A visual of the mezzanine level showing the library space and view to the indoor garden.

Garden Visual

Artists impression of the outside of a building and garden

A visual showing the view from the corner of the garden back to the main building.

Entrance Space Visual

Artists impression of the entrance of a building with full glass windows and high ceilings

A visual showing the view as you enter the building.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my project. If you would like to see more of my work you can find this on my instagram @zsg.design or my website zoesgrundy.wixsite.com. For any further contact you can email me at zoesgrundy@gmail.com.