Zakira Wong

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Through my final year project, I aim to use my skills in sketching to its full potential, and explore design in modelling and CAD.


Zakira Wong

Subdivided living in Hong Kong has been a large issue in the past number of years and nothing has been done to solve it. Hong Kong is currently one of the most expensive places to live in yet expansion on land is not an option. Instead of focusing on redesigning many subdivided apartments across Hong Kong, the goverment chooses to rent spare land out to the highest bidder for extra profits.

Although the goverment know well of this huge housing problem, many of the residents in these “Coffin homes” feel ignored due to the lack of money that goverment wishes to spend on the living situation and lifestyle that could be improved, making the subdivided apartment residents one of the most forgotten people in the world. 

Heartfelt Tower provide spaces for both private and social gatherings, with its aim to bring back the “forgotten” community. The apartments and communal areas throughout the building add excitement for people who are waiting for a better living situation. It celebrates community and culture in Hong Kong and further adds vibrance back into the city of Hong Kong.

A collage of Hong Kong

different images of hong kong mixed together

Heartfelt Tower Section

A view of the designed building cut into half in order to see inside the building and the available levels

The Outdoor Garden

The garden at the very top of the building which is outdoors

The Communal Study Space

A space in the centre of the building shared by everyone to study and read books

The Gym

An artists drawing of a gym with spiral staircase and areas for bicycles and weights

The Indoor Garden

An indoor garden surrounded by tall a building as an additional communal area for safety and relaxation

Ground Level

An open area underneath the building for people to walk by and through