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The training for a medical career has always been considered as one of the most challenging courses to learn. However, with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus on healthcare and the safety is vital. With every healthcare profession, physical training is deeply integrated into the teaching of these courses. It has been stated by the Holyrood government that “All dental students in Scotland will have to repeat a year after their training was disrupted by Covid” within 2020-2021 academic year, “to ensure future dental professionals have reached the General Dental Council’s standard of clinical competence.”

One of the most impacted dental procedures is regarding aerosol tools and its process. The spread of aerosols used within an enclosed space could be used as a method of transportation of other particles, like a virus. This generates complications as the rooms need to be sterilised to reduce the likelihood of other bacteria/virus coming into contact with imminent patients, without acting like an incubator for anything that may be brought into the clean room via asymptomatic hosts.

The final outcome will consider of creating a solution to the inability of teaching clinical skills effectively during the harsh restrictions during the worldwide pandemic and design an appropriate interior and environment which would prepare dental students and staff for any other future outbreaks of similar circumstance.


Upon entry you have the reception desk to the left and to the right you have the waiting area just behind the wooden slotted divider

Upon entry you have the reception desk to the left, and to the right you have the waiting area just behind the wooden slotted divider. The main entrance is designed to make it look very welcoming and warm, to make it seems like you’re about to walk into your living room.

Cafeteria Outside

Outside cafeteria is also designed to be used during the evening. It's located on the south side to maximise the usage of the sun.

The Cafeteria, located on the top of the roof on floor 3, can be used by both staff/students and public after/before the procedure, or during the day. The cafeteria can also be accessed during the evening for some events or small gigs. It is located on the south side of the building to maximize the usage of the sun.

Clinic on level 8

Purple clinic located on level 8, open plan clinic for teaching and student learning

The purple clinic is designed to aid students and staff in delivering and/or learning skills effectively. The open plan still allows for students communicating with their supervisors, whilst keeping within the safety measures of the spread of aerosols. There are 2 more clinics like this one.

Clinic on level 4

	The blue clinics are a one way in one way out basis which are for all patients. This floor can be accessed by first void upon entering the building.

The blue clinic, which is identical to clinics from ground 0 to 4, is located on level 4. It is made up of singular clinics which work on a one-way-in, one-way-out basis, providing safety measures all the way throughout: from the moment you step into the building, to the second you leave. These levels can be accessed by the void by the main reception.

Children's clinic

This is the children's clinic which is located on the 5th floor. The bubble like structures are inspired by candyfloss, which are meant to be multicoloured

The children’s clinic is located on level 5. The core elements of this floor were inspired by desserts. The bubble like structure has been inspired by candy floss for which all the bubbles are colourful, giving the children a much light hearted experience of a dental procedure.

Children's Waiting Area

The children's waiting room is designed to give children a better experience before a visit to the doctor. The swing to the left is inspired by chocolate sauce dessert swirls which can be seen on either ice cream or desserts

The children’s waiting room on level 5 is designed to give children a better experience before a visit to the dentist. The concept of dessert inspiration continues with the swing to the which left is inspired by chocolate dessert swirls, which can be spotted on majority of desserts.

Sweet Tooth - Dundee Dental and Hospital

A rough overview of the refurbished Dundee Dental School and Hospital.


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