Vicky Huang

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Hello! I am Vicky. I create my designs using lino cutting, mono printing and screen printing, each bringing a new perspective and element to my works.


Ying Huang

Wandering Down The Garden Path - Joy of Print

This project celebrates my experience of walking in nature and being inspired by British botanical gardens and wild paths. It aims to appreciate the beauty of native flora and the subtle and slower movements of everyday life. My practice is focused on relief printing and screen printing. I have created two collections using these different styles of printing techniques. I enjoy using slow production techniques like linocutprint and monoprint because they allow for a more hands-on experimentation.
In the linocut collection, I stylised the wild raspberry, accentuating their organic qualities and creating patterns with their subtle variations of texture and form. The continuous trunk ties all the flowers together and the pattern is closer to natural form. The monoprint collection reignited my love of colour which had informed my prints, and it takes a looser approach with painting, giving the work a sense of freshness.

I am interested in traditional printing methods because for me, it is a very tactile experience – I can feel their texture, weight, and appreciate their quality. I believe that to make the future a better place, it is important to reconnect to the past and to understand previous traditions. This informs my desire to break away from stereotypes around traditional techniques as ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘stuffy’ and instead develop my visual language around renewing traditional techniques within contemporary design concepts.

Wandering Down The Garden Path - Joy of Print