Songchuan Yang

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

The Cloud Village -- A regional activation project using the medium of paragliding and urban acupuncture to revitalise the local area.


black and white portrait of student Songchuan Yang

The Cloud Village is a paragliding experience designed for regional activation and the preservation of regional culture inspired by the concept of “urban acupuncture” (An urban development strategy).

The whole experience includes three facilities; a hotel, observatory and paragliding pavilion that are distributed across the mountain. Each design is derived from the local architectural styles and customs. This intervention strives to awaken and restore the cultural characteristics from the region by considering existing structures, transforming the tourist experience into a medium for expressing respect of the whole history and culture. This method of presentation injects vitality into the surrounding environment and communities while preserving the topography of the local villages. Moreover, it lets guests experience paragliding, an emerging extreme-sport that is supported by shuttle busses between different facilities.

In appreciating the joy from the local scenery and paragliding, visitors begin to pay attention to the importance of the inheritance of traditional culture.

The Hotel

night sky background with hotel at the bottom, and sketch of hotel on the sky itself

First of the three facilities, Cloud Village Hotel is located in Wangxiangyan Village in the Taihang Mountain Canyon. The design is inspired by the original layout of the local houses and the topographic of the village. This ensures that tourists integrate with the local system, by understanding how to navigate old streets better.

The Observatory

full page spread showing 'The Observatory' - a wooden construction set in the hills, with blue sky taking up a lot of the page

Second of the three facilities, the observatory is located at the top of the Taihang Mountains, next to the paraglider take-off point. This place is not only a good place for gliding, but it is also a renowned place in China to watch the sunrise and sunset. Local temples inspire the whole design. Through space design and structure layout, visitors can feel the change of time and sense of the void while watching paragliders and enjoying the scenery.

The Paragliding Pavilion

page entitled 'The Paragliding Pavilion' showing blue sky taking up most of the page, with a grassy field and small pavilion building with sloped roof at the bottom

The final facility, the paragliding pavilion, is located at the foot of Taihang Mountain which is connected to the city. The whole design is inspired by the street market on the local village and suburban district of Linzhou City. Through the journey, both inside and outside have become relative concepts and interchangeable experiences. As tourists soar over the sky, all scale becomes relative and the whole mountain becomes a market.