Melissa Garvie

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

As a designer the priority for any design is the social aspect. I look for ways to promote engagement and to spark conversation in a space.


Melissa Garvie


Thank you for taking time to look at my project Anchor Down 

My name is Melissa, I am passionate about interior design and have studied for many years to achieve the knowledge to take my passion further. 

As a designer the priority for any design is the social aspect. I look for ways to promote engagement and to spark conversation in a space.

Ways I like to do this is by implementing unique elements which are non interactive and interactive to act as a talking point of a space. 

I like to think that injecting elements of joy through bright colours and architectural structures allows me to show my personality through the design choices I make.

Anchor Down

Thesis journey.

Exhibit Space

Artists impression of an exhibition space

The Exhibit space allows visitors to fully engage in the history of The Battle of Camperdown and the house itself. In the centre the slides allow children to gain access to the basement in a unique way promoting movement with an exit to the outdoor space.

The Slides Installation

Artists impression of a ground floor with hanging sculpture and glass wall at the entrance

This installation is situated on the Ground Floor and is in place to spark conversation and to promote movement throughout the space. The slides has an interactive element allowing for working in pairs to gain access to the slide with a helm like wheel to open the sliding door which is in place for safety measures.

Walk The Plank

Artists impression of children walking a plank through tunnels

'Walk the plank' placed on the Ground Floor is a fun interactive installation inspired by the kaleidoscope and light house. The interactive element is in place to promote physical activity, this works by using bicycles to power LED lights on to acrylic panels on the top of the structure to reflect the colour orange and red changing the space instantly.

Play - First Floor

Play area

'Play' Life size game of battleships fits perfectly for the play zone as it is maintaining a link with the history of Camperdown House and the inspiration behind the project. Beyond this having this in place allows the younger generation to connect away from social media.

Cafe Space

Drawing of green tartan seats in a cafe

The cafe space is situated on the top floor, the space is known as the 'crows nest' of the design as it gives the illusion of being at the top of a ship's lookout point. The cafe space and first floor offer an outdoor space to lookout over Camperdown Park and Dundee. The tartan material used is Ancient Duncan Tartan which the line runs hundreds of years in the Duncan Family timeline.

Anchor Down - Final Render

Inspiration and Development

The inspiration behind the design was linked to my dissertation which explored both the positive and negative effects that social media is having on young people in modern society.

The negative effects stemmed from a lack of physical activity and social interaction with others. The idea is to create a space which could be used as both a central hub in an area where there is a plethora of options for fun outdoor activities whilst also designing the building in a way which encourages movement and engagement within the space.  

Camperdown house is located within Camperdown country park which was a great base location for the design as there is already several play parks in this location along with a wildlife centre. There is also great potential to develop further outdoor activities within the space. 

The house itself is the oldest Greek revival building in Scotland constructed by the Duncan family who commissioned the building from the proceeds of Admiral Adam Duncan’s successful naval career.

The project consists of interactive installations and features within the building inspired by the ships of that time to celebrate the nautical history of both the building and Dundee as a whole. In doing so creating a fun space for children to spend time whilst also implementing an engaging learning experience for adults or adolescents.